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Bulgaria is country for which the saying “small is beautiful” fits right into place. Rich and versatile nature, ranging from lush green mountains, forests and fields to dry and rocky terrain and the coast line of the Black sea. With a territory of just over 111 000 square kilometers everything is within 4-5 hours drive. Bulgaria is among the most favored tourist destinations in Europe in the past 10 – 15 years, both for its summer and winter resorts.

The infrastructure is well developed to connect by air, land and sea even the most remote areas. A state founded more than 1300 years ago on the crossroads of Asian and European culture, preserving the signs of the ever turbulent and fascinating history of the continent, from the days of the Byzantine Empire, through the Ottoman rule and the World Wars to the Cold War.

Today we are well on the way of becoming an active member of the European Union in 2007 and establishing an ever-growing popularity as steady developing market, presenting an excellent opportunity for business and leisure. Bright Ideas would be more than happy to welcome and assist you in experiencing Bulgaria for yourself.

In terms of filmmaking Bulgaria has traditions dating as far back as the invention of the cinematograph by the Lumiere brothers. The first exhibition of a moving picture in Bulgaria was less than two years later in 1897 and the first nationally produced film in 1910. Ever since films have been made in our country and in ever-growing number. In the days of the Socialist Government a National film studio has been built, which along with the National television and the documentary and animation studios, produced over a 100 feature films a year. Valuable heritages from those days are the numerous highly experienced professionals in every aspect of the filmmaking process.

In 1988, Bright Ideas was the first private enterprise to offer film-production services to a foreign film producer – BBC, for the animation series “Orville and Cuddles”. Since 1989 and the democratic changes we have provided services for more than 25 American and European Productions who discovered for themselves the high production value, the professionalism and the hospitality while filming with us in Bulgaria and all that keeping the Production cost at an unbeatable low in Europe.

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